Agneta Marell bid farewell after seven years as President of JU

Today is Agneta Marell’s last day as President of Jönköping University (JU). At her farewell ceremony yesterday, many people wanted to thank her for her fine and important efforts during the seven years she has been President and wish her good luck in the future.

Many people wanted to recognize Jönköping University’s (JU) outgoing President Agneta Marell at the reception at Mariedal on Wednesday 27 March.

Employees, external partners, and colleagues from all over the country came to thank her for the good cooperation and to present her with gifts and flowers. Among the guests were colleagues from other universities, the county governor, the city director, the regional director, the chairman of the regional board, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, representatives of municipalities, representatives of JU’s Foundation Governing Board and the vice president of the student union who represented all students as well as many JU employees.

Anders Danielsson, chairperson of the JU Foundation Governing Board, gave the opening speech and thanked Agneta for her significant contributions to JU. He emphasized that Agneta has enriched JU and made JU grow and develop in many ways through her dedication, commitment, and passion.

Speeches were also made by Salem Seifeddine, Executive Vice President, Eva Gipperth, University Director, Ingrid Wadskog, Dean of the School of Engineering at JU, Anders Jonzon, Chief Communications Officer, Johan Fritz, city director, Monica Dahlbom, President of the Administrative Court of Appeal in Jönköping and former chairperson of the Foundation Governing Board. A recurring theme was Agneta's commitment, ambition, and desire to develop JU.

Agneta Marell expressed gratitude for her great years at JU and highlighted the team effort that made the university’s successes possible.

“I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have made these years so memorable. One of the best things has been the privilege of meeting all the amazing and inspiring people. I will look back on my time at JU with pride and gratitude. It has been an honour to be President at JU,” said Agneta Marell during the reception.

Read Agneta's last President’s letter where she gives thanks for her time at JU

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