Kimberlie Le, JTH-student.

Kimberlie Le is one of the Architectural Engineering students participating in the exhibition in the gallery at JTH, which is about how Liljeholmen in Jönköping can be improved.

36 student sketches on how to improve Liljeholmen

36 student sketches on how to improve Liljeholmen How can the Liljeholmen district in Jönköping be improved? About 70 students studying Architectural Engineering at the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU) have developed proposals for this. Their sketches can be viewed in an exhibition in the gallery at JTH a week into April.

Bengt Erlandsson, Programme Manager for Architectural Engineering at JTH.

Bengt Erlandsson, Programme Manager for Architectural Engineering at JTH.

The students have worked with the residential blocks in the northern part of Liljeholmen and asked residents how they like it there. Many of them wanted increased traffic safety, which the students took note of through their suggestions about, for example, reduced speed, one-way roads and relocated bus traffic in their sketches.

"A place to gather in the summer"

The students have been allowed to choose freely what they want to do and many have added more trees and green areas to increase the well-being of Liljeholm residents. The student Edwin El-Zouk has also added a wodden jetty that partly runs along the pedestrian and cycle path on Vätterstranden, partly out into the water.

"I think that in the summertime it would attract people to Liljeholmen in the same way that many gather on the wodden piers at Atollen in Jönköping. You sit down to eat ice cream or socialize and time just flies by. It is accessible to everyone and the houses facing Vätterstranden provide good sound insulation from the traffic noise on Östra Storgatan," says Edwin El-Zouk.

Skateboard park in Kilallén

Kimberlie Le wanted to do something unique and designed a skateboard park in Kilallén on Liljeholmen.

"I thought it was a good idea with a skateboard park more central in Jönköping than the one at Rosenlund. It would make the area more lively and busy, and I have also added a traditional park environment next to it where you can sit and hang out, she says.

Both Edwin and Kimberlie think that Liljeholmen could flourish with more green areas, better structure on the roads and less traffic noise. They mean that small things can be of great importance and believe that the people living at Liljeholm would appreciate their proposal.

"We had to think in different ways"

"It has been an interesting project where we have had to think in different ways to adapt to the needs of the people," says Edwin.

"It has been fun to be creative and that we have had free rein when we have come up with our proposals," says Kimberlie.

JTH students.

Jonathan Jalkmar, Sara Alissa, Edwin El-Zouki and Kimberlie Le all participate in the exhibition.

Exhibition in the gallery at JTH.

36 sketches with suggestions on how Liljeholmen can be improved are included in the exhibition, which can be seen in the gallery at JTH.