Foundation Governing Board

The Foundation Governing Board is appointed by the Swedish Government from 1 May, 2019, to 30 April, 2022.

Chairman of the Board

Monica Dahlbom, President Court of Appeals

Members of the Board

  • Søren E. Frandsen, Special advisor.
  • Johan Ohlson, Chief procurement officer SAAB.
  • Mikael Alexandersson, Professor University of Gothenburg. 
  • Anna Yman, International Business Manager, SWECO.
  • Madelene Sandström, licentiate and researcher.
  • Mats Eriksson, professor of Nursing Science, Örebro Universitet.
  • Linda Fransson, CEO, Gnosjö Automatsvarvning AB.
  • Agneta Marell, President Jönköping University.
  • Roger Sandberg, Jönköping University. Appointed by the teaching faculty at Jönköping University, 1 May 2019 - 30 April 2022.
  • Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg, Chairman of the Student Union of Jönköping University. Appointed by the students, 1 July 2020 - 30 June 2021.

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