Jönköping University is Sweden's first heart-friendly university

Four men in a row

Staffan Lindeborg, Thomas Ravelli, Magnus Olsson and Stefan Jutterdal during the inauguration of JU as Sweden’s first heart-friendly university.

Over the past two years, Jönköping University (JU) has actively worked to install accessible defibrillators and now has 18 on campus. This means that Hjärtuppropet appoints JU as Sweden's first heart-friendly university. Stefan Jutterdal and Thomas Ravelli, both representatives from Hjärtuppropet, spoke at the opening ceremony.

Demonstration av HLR

Thomas Ravelli does CPR on a doll with assist from Staffan Lindeborg and Stefan Jutterdal.

It's a matter of minutes and seconds when there is a sudden cardiac arrest. And it is not at all uncommon for people under the age of 50 to suffer from this very dangerous condition. Hjärtuppropet (the Heart Appeal) is an organization that works to raise awareness of CPR and promote the installation of defibrillators.

"Hjärtuppropet is very pleased with the commitment in Jönköping and at HÖFAB, which really shows an exemplary social responsibility. We hope that more campuses and higher education institutions in Sweden will follow suit," says Niklas Waldenström, project manager at Hjärtuppropet, who was present at the inauguration.

18 defibrillators on campus

During several years, the rescue services in Jönköping have worked to prevent deaths from cardiac arrest. One of the most important measures is to install defibrillators in places where they can be accessed at all hours of the day. Several property owners in Jönköping have participated in this work, including HÖFAB (Högskolefastigheter AB), JU’s property owners. HÖFAB and the companies within JU have installed no less than 18 defibrillators on campus.

"It is great that Jönköping University is the first heart-friendly university in Sweden. JU is one of Jönköping’s biggest workplaces with 14,000 students and almost a thousand employees. We see it as a vital investment to install these defibrillators around campus," says Magnus Olsson, CEO of HÖFAB.

The inauguration of Sweden’s most heart-friendly university on Monday 15 January was addressed by Stefan Jutterdal, who has suffered from cardiac arrest himself, and by legendary football goalkeeper Thomas Ravelli, who has saved lives with the help of defibrillators.

"I am very happy to have saved a person’s life with this device. It was an elderly man who suffered a cardiac arrest at a children’s party, and I was nearby. I have had CPR training and, together with another woman, we managed to start his heart before the ambulance arrived. Everyone should train to learn more about CPR," says Thomas Ravelli.

See the video below where Thomas gives his three best CPR tips:

About Om Hjärtuppropet

Hjärtuppropet (the Heart Appeal) is an initiative with three main objectives, one of which is the availability of defibrillators. Most registered defibrillators are located indoors and are usually locked up in the evening and at night, even on weekends. The mission of the organization is to promote the installation of defibrillators and other life-saving innovations, such as the SMS lifesaver service. Hjärtuppropet was launched in 2022 and has many famous ambassadors such as Carola, David Lagerkrantz, Staffan Lindeborg and Thomas Ravelli.


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