Award Ceremony and inspiring panel discussion as this year’s alumni were celebrated

On 3 October, five former students from Jönköping University (JU) were celebrated in grand style. All of them share the common achievement of excelling in their professional roles or making outstanding contributions as individuals, worthy of recognition.

Salem Seifeddine, Executive Vice President at JU, along with representatives from each school, presented the awards to the alumni.

"The ceremony was a resounding success. Our five awardees were present to receive their accolades, either in person or digitally, representing a diverse range of academic backgrounds and careers, now thriving in various sectors. The panel discussion was lively and engaging, offering an inspiring glimpse into their stories and lessons from their time at JU. It even inspired some to pursue further studies at JU. The ceremony also supplied an excellent opportunity for alumni to reconnect and exchange experiences. Promoting such events is crucial, as JU views alumni as key role models for prospective and current students, as well as the business community," said Salem Seifeddine.

The alumni

School of Health and Welfare – Anne-Marie Suutari

School of Education and Communication – Emil Jungåker

Jönköping International Business School – Jonas Deichmann

Jönköping University Enterprise – Melis Degerli

School of Engineering – Joakim Wahlqvist

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Four out of five alumni at this years alumni of the year ceremony.

From the left: Melis Degerli, Anne-Marie Suutari, Joakim Wahlqvist and Emil Jungåker.

Award Presentation and Panel Discussion

The ceremony, also live-streamed, began with Salem Seifeddine sharing insights into JU's collaborations and the crucial role of alumni to the university. Salem welcomed each awardee onto the stage, reading out their motivations. Following this, the deans of the respective school and the Operations Manager and Associated Dean of Jönköping University Enterprise then spoke briefly and presented the awards to their respective school's alumni.

After the award ceremony, Andreas Torén, Head of Department at Student Counselling Service, hosted an inspiring panel discussion with the awardees. One of the questions revolved around what the alumni missed the most from their time at JU.

Emil Jungåker expressed missing the people, both fellow students and teachers, who played a crucial role during his years at JU. Joakim Wahlqvist agreed, adding that he also missed the discussions on various subjects and areas he had with his classmates. The sense of belonging one experiences as a student can be challenging to find in the professional world.

Head of Department at Student Counselling Service hosted a panel discussion with the awardees during the ceremony.

Awardee and alumni at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), Jonas Deichmann, participated in the ceremony online.

Another question posed to the awardees about the most valuable lesson they learned during their education.

Anne-Marie Suutari highlighted the importance of combining her medical knowledge with organizational skills and ability in healthcare quality improvement. Melis Degerli emphasized the experience of studying with individuals from various cultures and backgrounds, learning the art of collaboration. For Jonas Deichmann, it was the blend of getting new knowledge, international exposure, and the entrepreneurial context that left the strongest impression. He learned the fundamentals of business, but what truly stood out was immersing himself in a different culture alongside people from all over the world.

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