New book by Leon Barkho

From Theory to Practice: How to Apply and Assess Impartiality in News and Current Affairs

Leon Barkho, PhD, has come out with a new book, that has been published by both Intellect (UK) and Chicago Universitiy Press US): From Theory to Practice: How to Apply and Assess Impartiality in News and Current Affairs.

"Academic analysis of journalism has for too long run on a parallel track to the actual practice of journalism. This excellent and clever book has real and practical benefits to journalists because it creates a crossroads at which the two meet. All journalists who are serious about their trade should read it."

/Vin Ray Founder and former director of the BBC College of Journalism

“Impartiality is one of the most widely-used and most widely-misunderstood terms in the news media. This book brings new insights and new research to help us use the word more carefully and more effectively ”

/Stewart  Purvis, Professor of Television Journalism, City University London

Review by Nielsen BookData UK:

This title is highly relevant to contemporary world issues, examining in detail the media coverage of major recent events, such as the Iraq War and the "War on Terror". It breaks new ground in its field. This is the first book of its kind to examine these issues from a perspective of both practice and application; generating theory about the issues and also suggesting practical methods to correct or improve the situation. It includes material by forerunners in media and journalism fields worldwide, including a senior BBC editor and a senior Reuters editor. "From Theory to Practice" is the first scholarly look at the possibilities and challenges of impartial and objective journalism in our digitized media world. This volume brings together contributions from editors at premiere news outlets like Reuters and the BBC to discuss how to assess, measure, and apply impartiality in news and current affairs in a world where the impact of digital technologies is constantly changing how news is covered, presented, and received. In this changing media environment, impartial journalism is as crucial as it ever was in traditional media, and this book offers an essential analysis of how to navigate a media milieu in which technology has sharply reduced the gatekeeping role news gatherers and producers used to have in controlling content flow to audiences.

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