Technology, economy and design come together in creative project

Students from three Swedish universities meet in Värnamo to work together and find creative solutions for various companies.

The teams will consist of economy students from Jönköping International Business School, technology students from the Royal Institute of Technology, and design students from Linnaeus University. There will be at least one student from each university in each team.

Before they meet in Värnamo, the students have gotten to know each other via Skype and have discussed issues such as what defines good teamwork, what makes someone a good project manager and more.

The competition begins with the companies presenting their activities, products and current status to the students. During the following days, the students face the challenge of suggesting new uses for a product, or ways for the company to develop.

“We think it is important that we give our students the chance to participate in projects like this. TED provides insight and understanding to working together with other people and working on real problems in real companies,” says Magnus Taube, Project Manager at Jönköping International Business School.

After two days, the students will make a presentation to the companies, and also take part in an exhibition with all the teams. But finding new and creative ideas is not enough. The teams also have to make a market assessment that shows for example the investment required and that the solution will work in the market. The idea needs to be viable and lasting in the long term.

“Our students are creative, have an open mind and take the assignment seriously. That's why companies appreciate the project so much that it has become an annual event in Värnamo,” says Magnus Taube.

TED stands for Technology, the Economy and Design. The concept is originally from MIT, Stanford, USA. In Värnamo there will be 12 teams of 4-5 students in each team. Värnamo municipality and entrepreneurs in the region around Värnamo back up the project.