Regional Council and Jönköping University invest jointly in regional research

The Regional Council of Jönköping County is supporting a regional business-oriented research programme in collaboration with Jönköping University.

The new research programme has a clear business focus which will underpin the new joint research project between the university and businesses in the region. The Regional Council is co-financing the venture for the years 2014 -2017 with a total of SEK 5 million.

“We are really happy that the Regional Council has given the university its support to launch a regional research programme. Collaboration is needed to develop the Jönköping region. A joint research programme is a concrete opportunity to develop close research collaboration between university and industry,” says Lars Niklasson, Vice President of Jönköping University.

A previous preliminary study, also funded by the Regional Council, showed the need to increase both university research and research in the industry to achieve the objectives of the new regional development strategy, RUS. The research is part of the action plan developed within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between the University and the Regional Council in December 2013.

“It is good that we can contribute to a continued partnership in the framework of the ambitions we express in RUS. This is where we clarify that research is important to be able to meet the challenges facing the region, and where the link to innovation and entrepreneurship is particularly stressed,” says Rolf Persson, Regional Director of the Regional Council.

Joint ventures in the research programme also provide excellent opportunities to attract additional research funding to the region.

“To further develop collaboration is important because in the future it could be a deciding factor for the allocation of resources to higher education. Together we can develop the region into becoming internationally competitive in research and education,” says Lars Niklasson.

For more information please contact:
Lars Niklasson, Vice President Jönköping University
with a focus on external collaboration, research and innovation