New exchange projects with developing countries

Jönköping University is now starting up 11 new exchange projects for students and teachers in collaboration with universities of South Africa, Vietnam, China, Botswana, Tanzania, Lebanon, Brazil and Cuba, with funding from the national Linnaeus-Palme programme.

Linnaeus-Palme is a national programme for teachers and students that encourages long-term relationships between universities in Sweden and in developing countries. This cooperation is conducted in projects.

Jönköping University is the Swedish university that for the last years has received the most funds from the Linnaeus-Palme programme for student and teacher exchanges. For the years 2014-2016 the total amount is 4,096,258 SEK.

– The projects give Jönköping University the opportunity to get a deeper relationship with universities in developing countries. The projects increase the cultural diversity of our students and our staff and strengthen the international profile of the university, says Lena Winald Möller, coordinator of he Linneaus-Palme programme at Jönköping University.

For more information, please contac:
Lena Winald Möller