Opening hours during the holidays

During the holidays some of the activities and businesses on campus have irregular opening hours.


Open weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m, except 23 December. On 5 January the Switchboard closes at 12 noon.

General Study Guidance

Closed 22 December-12 January.


Open during weekdays, except 23 December.

IT Helpdesk

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Student Health Care

Closed 22 December-9 January. Drop-in hours for consultation with our nurse will be open again on 12 January.

Career Center

Closed 18 December-7 January.

University Library

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Restaurants and CafĂŠs

Arken closed 19 December-6 January.

Books&Coffee closed 20 December-6 January.

Taste of Beirut closed 20 December-6 January.

Opponenten closed 23 December-6 January.

Traversen closed 20 December-6 January.