A creative challenge for students

Efficient collaboration between professionals with business, engineering and design backgrounds is vital for development in many companies. The yearly TED challenge is an initiative to facilitate such collaboration.

The challenge brings together students from Jönköping International Business School, KTH and Linneaus University, to solve a real life product development challenge facing a selected business in the Väranmo region."

On Monday 23 February, ten teams consisting of students from the three universities will meet in Värnamo for the second part of the TED challenge. During the first part, the students had contact over Skype and worked together during a week to develop a prototype idea, inspired by two key words.

The second part, taking place in Värnamo, is a one-week workshop based on a commission from a company. The company defines a problem area and it is then up to the students to investigate, research, and find a solution that addresses this problem. The company’s representatives give on-going feedback, and teachers from the participating universities are also present to give their guidance.

“A deeper understanding of the ‘language’ of other professions, as well as a capability of accepting views and opinions of persons with a different educational background and frame of reference will be essential for success,” says Magnus Taube, project manager at JIBS.

The solutions/prototypes are presented in the form of an exhibition in the afternoon Thursday February 26th.

TED stands for Technology, Economy and Design. The concept is originally from MIT, Stanford USA. Värnamo municipality, Finnveden Forum and entrepreneurs in the region around Värnamo back up the project.

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