A new Sustainability Network at JU

The JU sustainability network had their first meeting


The background of the JU sustainability network is a report written by a group of researchers, representing all four schools at JU. They received funds from the university to investigate what teaching was being conducted at JU on sustainable development. They also wanted to identify good examples, find tools for teaching sustainability and show how these tools could be used in the current education. The researchers realized that there is a need for a university platform, where faculty and staff can meet and exchange ideas on how to work with sustainability and get students engaged in these issues. Therefore they announced that they wanted to create a JU network for sustainability.

The first meeting

During the meeting in May, there were discussions on different ideas to advance JU´s work with sustainability. It was decided that “JU Sustainability Directory” will be created to, among other things, share information on sustainability competences, courses related to sustainability and research/event interests. Several ideas were discussed to advance JU´s work including the creation of a "JU seminar series on Sustainability", a sustainability day and the exploration of potential research ideas. JU Sustainability Network should be a platform to support the work in sustainability.

The JU Sustainability Network Coordinating Team

Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas (JIBS/Project leader)
Sofia Kjellström (HHJ)
Ellen Almers (HLK)
Jonelija Zelic (JTH)
Gabriel Bake (HS)