Prestigious award to professors at JIBS

Two professors at JIBS received the Martin Beckmann Award for best paper published in Papers in Regional Science in 2014.

The prize was awarded to Johan Klaesson, Professor in Economics at JIBS, Johan P. Larsson, Assistant Professor in Economics at JIBS and Martin Andersson, Professor in Economics at Lund University.

The jury of the Martin Beckmann Award chose their article "The sources of the urban wage premium by worker skills: Spatial sorting or agglomeration economies?" as the winner of the Martin Beckmann Prize as the best paper published in Papers in Regional Science in 2014. They received the prize with the motivation:

The paper is an innovative piece of work in the complex field of identifying the sources of differences in wages among cities. It provides empirical evidence on which type of skills are rewarded by density, and bear on the broader question of the contexts in which agglomeration is important.

The Martin Beckmann Award was established to recognize and honor the career and contribution of Professor Martin Beckmann, he was an internationally recognized scientist and economist of outstanding merit.

Klaesson, P. Larsson and Andersson received the prize at the annual ERSA-conference in the end of August 2015. This year’s conference was held in Lisbon.

“It is a great honor and it feels great to receive this award. It feels extra great because it involves an acknowledgment of the scientific quality of our work. "Papers of the Regional Science" is one of the most prestigious journals in "Regional Science" and "Spatial Economics". That our article is appointed the best that has been published in 2014 feels fantastic because we have great respect for the other articles published in the journal during the year”, says Johan Klaesson.