Engineering students work together with Husqvarna Group

A new course for the third-year students at Product development and design programme has started. The course, who has its focus on product development, is given in close cooperation with the Husqvarna Group.

The goal in the course is to make a prototype of a new kind of battery trimmer. The students have until Christmas to finish the project and they will have close contact with the product development department of Husqvarna Group during the whole process.

- The aim of this course is to make the students understand the product development process. They will get knowledge about subjects like industrial design, construction with computer support, material and production, says Conny Larsson lecturer in Industrial Design at the School of Engineering.

The students will meet a steering committee from Husqvarna Group four times during the fall semester. The students will hold their presentations and show their prototypes before Christmas.

- We hope that this course will show the students an example of what an engineering job can be like. We also hope that this course will make the students more hirable, says Conny Larsson.

The course will go beyond the basic technical knowledge and give practices in entrepreneurship, leadership and communication, sustainable development and professionalism.

- This cooperation is a way to open up new doors for the students. We want to show them, what a global company like ours can offer. We are also really proud and happy to be able to show and share our knowledge about electricity/battery consumption, says Johan Hallendorff, Director Primary & Concept Development at Husqvarna Group.

- This cooperation with the Husqvarna group is a fantastic example of how we can intergrade companies and students in the education. The School of Engineering always try to work together with the industrial life in all our study programs, says Mats Jägstam president of School of Engineering at Jönköping University.

For more information please contact:

Conny Larsson mail:, tel: 036-10 17 74
Mats Jägstam, mail:, tel 0704-33 88 68 eller
Johan Hallendorf, mail:, tel: 036-36 44 47.