Start-up for the Pathway Programmes

Over 50 international students are starting to study Jönköping University’s English preparatory program; Pathway Programme, today 18 January.

Jönköping University is the first university in Sweden to offer English preparatory programmes for further academic studies.

“We are the first in Sweden to offer preparatory education combined with further studies at the bachelor's or master's programs”, says Hanna Ståhl who has led the project to develop and set up a preparatory programme at JU; Pathway Programmes.

Those who study the Pathway Programme at Jönköping University will mostly have classes on campus in Gränna, where they also live. About a day a week they have classes on campus in Jönköping.

The Pathway students this semester mainly come from China and Iran, but also from Bangladesh, Iraq, India, Greece, Pakistan and Turkey. These students will read one semester Pathway Programme, but JU also offer Pathway Programmes for an academic year or as a summer course. The Pathway Programme includes, in addition to English studies, courses about living and studying in Sweden and skills for further academic studies. More than half of the current students have applied to continue studying at Jönköping University in the fall semester 2016.

“52 international students have been admitted to first spring semester course and paid their tuition fee. Out of these, 29 have chosen to apply for a bachelor's or master's program at JU, starting in 2016, which is very good news”, says Hanna Ståhl.

Hanna Ståhl together with three students.

The first activity for the Pathway Programme students.