Jönköping the hub of Sweden's first high-speed railway lines

Yesterday, negotiators of the Swedish government presented a decision on what route the new high-speed railway lines will have. The decision makes Jönköping one of the big winners.

When the new high-speed railways are built to shorten the travel time between the metropolitan regions of Sweden, Jönköping will be the hub of this new railway system. The railway lines from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö will meet in Jönköping, which makes Jönköping a central railway junction.

The high-speed railway lines will shorten travel times significantly. With the high-speed trains it will be possible to travel from Stockholm to Malmö in less than two and a half hours, and between Stockholm and Gothenburg in about two hours.

For Jönköping the new railway lines are expected to give growth and new jobs, when the travel times to cities along the lines are considerably shortened. It will be easier to live in one city and work in another.

The goal is for the high-speed railways to be completed in 2035 at the latest, but the new railway system may also be completed earlier than that.