Stable export businesses in Jönköping County

Exporting companies in the Jönköping region have a higher share of firms that export continuously, compared to the rest of Sweden. This according to a new study by researchers from Jönköping International Business School.

The report was presented on Wednesday at Entrepreneurship Forum by Professor Lucia Naldi and Doctoral Candidate Andrea Kuiken. It shows that 40 percent of all Swedish exporting small and medium-sized enterprises exit from all export markets at some point in time, and of these, half re-enter later. But Jönköping County stands out with the highest proportion of companies that have a continuous pattern of exports; 78 percent.

Export promotion needs to be flexible and channelled toward companies that have already proven strong exporting capacity and to regions that demonstrate a high proportion of stable long-term export business, said the researchers. The study also shows that family-owned firms are characterized by less exit from export markets and more re-entry.

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