Robotic lawn mowers have operated very similarly for over 25 years since its first introduction to the market. This thesis explores how new technology and design can define the next generation of robotic lawn mowers, especially catered towards professional users.

Hitherto, there are no robotic lawn mowers on the broad market that are especially catered towards professional users. With that said, there are several robots in the premium price class that focus on providing high standard results in various parameters such as cutting quality, slope inclination clearance, running time on one battery charge etc. Nevertheless, there is a vague line between what is considered a premium product and a professional product.

During this thesis the goal has been to define that line, to explore what purpose and semantic design elements that communicate professionalism for the next generation of robotic lawn mowers. The project has been carried out in collaboration with Greenworks Tools for the Cramer-brand*. Starting with an initial research study followed by many, many explorative sketches and finally surface modelling to define the final form.

*Due to a non-disclosure agreement the final result cannot be shown, instead you’ll have to
imagine yourself what the final design is under the cloth!