A new wound care dispenser to further expand the Cederroth First Aid product family

Hitherto. Wound care products and first aid kits should always be available where risk of injury can occur. By offering a wide variety of easy to use solutions, most injuries can be treated on the spot with next to no prior experience. The aim of Cederroth First Aid is to help provide such products. A new type of wound care dispenser is to be launched but needs to be improved in regards to functionality and appearance to better fit the Cederroth First Aid product range.

The goal of this thesis has been to develop a new dispenser for a specific type of plaster under the Cederroth First Aid brand in collaboration with Orkla Wound Care. The project consisted of observing and interviewing users, analyzing existing products and prototyping different dispensing methods to find the optimal combination of features and shapes that would befit the brand.

The final result is under a non-disclosure agreement and can unfortunately not be shown.