Flighter is a new startup within the electric boat sector that aims to develop a new concept for a hydro foiling boat. The following work is a conceptual study on how an interior could be designed to fit the company aspirations.

In 2019, Candela introduced the C-7, the first pure electric hydrofoiling boat, combining electric motors and hydrofoils. This innovative technology lifted the boat out of the water, reducing drag and significantly increasing speed and range. However, these electric hydrofoiling boats are currently marketed as premium products, limiting their accessibility to consumers. Typically designed as daycruisers, these boats are primarily intended for transportation with limited customization options for different purposes.

Flighter, a new startup in the electric boat sector, aims to address this limitation by developing a multipurpose electric hydrofoiling boat. Their concept focuses on creating a boat that can be easily configured according to the user's needs. Flighter plans to achieve this through a modular interior design, specifically implementing modularity in the seating system. This modular approach allows users to adapt the boat for various purposes. For example, the boat can be configured with abundant seating for use as a taxi boat or with minimal seating for transporting goods. The goal is to offer flexibility and customization options to ensure the boat fits the intended purpose.