The problem with current bike helmets is the average lifetime of 3-5 years. The modular assembly of this smart bike helmet makes it possible to replace broken parts and warn the user in case of material degradation. The helmet features handy functions that makes biking safer, with style.

The project started with a user analysis and survey on the usage of bike helmets. A common problem that the users found is the appearance of their helmets does not suit their personal style. Secondly, with a growing demand and trend of IoT products, people would like to have smart features to be built in their helmets. For example: integrated lights and speaker, connectivity to a mobile phone and a crash sensor. In general, a safer and more entertaining biking experience is what the customers are looking for.

During the concept development the inspiration came from the automotive industry for having a strong influence on design trends, and from killer whales for being intelligent animals with a contrasty coloured body, furthermore having insulating blubbers just like the foam inside helmets.

The bike helmet comes in a simple box and supports Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones. The design style kept minimal and urban as the majority of users are commuting in cities with their bikes. The functional Scandinavian design provides the user with features that make bike rides safer and in case of a damage, a close relative is informed about the position of the rider. It can also warn the user in case of material degradation and with a modular design the parts can be replaced, which is a more sustainable way than throwing an entire helmet out.