This project is focused on celebrating and embracing modern advancements, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to reimagine the LC4 and 522 Tokyo Chaise Lounges with an emphasis on 3D printing and sustainability. Proudly crafted in Sweden.

Our society today has significantly evolved since the design of the LC4 Chaise Lounge and 522 Tokyo Chaise by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, and Pierre Jeanneret in 1928. In this thesis, we have designed and constructed two prototypes in collaboration with nearly ten manufacturing companies that provided materials and services. The prototypes were developed using the Double Diamond design process and other tools such as environmental analysis, sketches, literary studies, and 3D modeling. These lounge chairs embody contemporary values, emphasizing sustainability through innovative, circular, and recyclable techniques. The lounge bases are 3D printed, paired with steel and wood frames, chosen to minimize environmental impact.

The final result is two distinct lounge chairs ergonomically crafted to follow the body's curvature, allowing for adjustments based on the desired reclining position. The black lounge chair features minimalist and modernist design elements, while the beige one incorporates Japanese influences. Both are optimized for maximum comfort and meet contemporary standards for designer furniture, blending environmental consciousness with elegance. By prioritizing locally refined materials and manufacturing, we are advancing towards a more responsible future without compromising on design or comfort.