Due to current circumstances the physical meeting is replaced by digital means of collaborating. The new system of interacting and working in a team is through applications and their interfaces. Examples are: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Discord, Slack, Miro and many more.

The possibilities of working together over distance has drastically increased. The switch to digital meetings has been gradual until now, when it has been jumpstarted to full effect by current events. In this project it is assumed that current interfaces may lack compatibility in some areas of collaboration, that there are jarring differences between digital and physical creative meetings.

This project applies emerging technologies in an attempt to enable a more suitable interface for creative collaboration. Designers utilize several senses in their creative process and the project explore what these senses are missing in the transition to digital form. The project investigate how the digital interface might need to change and what type of physical products could help bridge the sensory-gap between the digital and the physical realm. What tools need to be developed to enhance the productivity when collaborating creatively in digital spaces. The goal is to produce an innovative solution in the form of a conceptual design that embodies these characteristics.