A Case Study of Grass Accumulation on Robotic Lawn Mower

The phenomena of macroscopic particle accumulation on surfaces have become a larger problem in many industries. How the phenomenon relates to hydrophobicity, water and surface topography is currently an unexplored area which requires further investigation.

Robotic Lawn mowing is an effortless way of maintaining your lawn in a proper condition. The clogging of grass leads to maintenance and cleaning of the machine which interrupts the effortless of owning a Robotic Lawn Mower. This study has investigated if the accumulation and clogging of grass can be reduced by increasing the hydrophobicity or using textured surfaces. The methodology is based on a range of experiments that investigate different scenarios from static to dynamic grass accumulation. The study ends with a field test on physical Robotic Lawn Mowers equipped with either increased hydrophobicity or textured surface. Will these methods decrease the accumulation of grass and make the Robotic Lawn Mower more carefree? Let´s find out!