A design guide is a helpful tool when a new product is going to be made to fit a company’s design language. What information goes into one and what can come out having one in a design process.

This work was made in collaboration with the company Röshults. The project was built up of two parts that first started with research into what a design guide is and what it should contain. A design guide is a collection of information that will help a designer to make sure that new products follow a company’s design language. It contains facts about materials, colors, surface finishes and how to work with the logotype, all to ensure recognition and quality.

The second part was a design process to create a new product where the guidelines would be implemented. During the research done to create the design guide, possible new product ideas was observed. The design work led to a concept for a new module to Röshults kitchens, a customizable bar module. The bar module base can be used as a big ice bucket to cool beverages or it can be accessorized with speed racks, garnish containers and smaller ice bucket modules to expand its applications. Different accessories were designed to make the module customizable to fit different needs for the user. The idea was to make it fit Röshults goals to find the perfect balance between, objects, space, cooking, people and let life be the centerpiece.