A product suggestion of seating furniture intended for public environments has been developed in cooperation with the company Normada who manufactures 3D printed furniture with sustainability in focus.

The furniture consists of 3 parts; 2 benches and one flowerpot. One of the benches is a simple design with two legs and a place to sit while the other bench is curved and needs to be supported by either the flowerpot or the other bench module. These three modules can be placed in many different configurations which increases the range of use. The furniture’s design is carefully constructed to give the furniture a long lifespan, the benches have a scandinavian- and timeless design and is a complement to Normada’s current assortment. The increased supply gives not only individuals but also companies the chance to make smart purchases when it comes to furniture. We also believe that the road to a more environmentally friendly consumer society is driven by companies and we have now increased the possibilities to make our vision a reality.

The furniture is meant to be placed in larger areas where lots of people gather, for example in a mall. The consumer has the possibility to, not only offer seating, but also to create an environment in these places.

The seating furniture is manufactured by 3D printing, a revolutionary technology that has a low material consumption due to it adding the desired material instead of removing the undesired material. Normada is a company that focuses on being environmentally friendly and gives the customer the opportunity to recycle old furniture in order to give life to new furniture, because of the modern technology of 3D printing.