Gambia is the smallest country on the African mainland with 2,6 million inhabitants and it is situated in the western Sahel region. Today, more than one third of the world’s developing nations do not have access to safe drinking water.

In Gambia, not having access to clean drinking water is a pressing issue affecting many families and communities. Not having access to clean water resulting in waterborne diseases and deaths.

Today Gambians do not have accurate tools with which to collect rainwater. Neither does the general public currently know how to maintain a rainwater harvest (RWH) system. Introducing a system that is easily operated and maintained will have the ability to make Gambians more self-sufficient in regard to their water use habits.

Solvatten by Petra Wadström has in combination with conventional RWH methods been used to optimize the system. The rainwater is collected by the catchment facility (roof), after which it goes through a filter to separate large contaminants like leaves, rocks and the like. The rainwater is then, through the 2-L polyethylene terephthalate surface, heated by the rays of the sun until it reaches a certain temperature. During this process the UV rays kill bacteria and consequently, disinfects the water, making it safe to use for drinking and cooking. The water is supplied through a tap and the system is easy to use!