The objective of the project is to create a versatile sofa that integrates into modern homes, offering freedom of use. This is achieved by considering various elements like structure, color, and fabric.

Saro, an Italian business, collaborated on the project and provided insights and assistance throughout the design process. The goal was to build a versatile sofa by taking into account numerous variables such as the structure, color, and fabric. To find areas for innovation, a review of existing products from other companies was performed. Key questions arose, such as how to make the sofa fit into the majority of households and what features customers seek. Field research, concept formulation, brainstorming, sketching, 3D modeling, evaluations, iterations, and the final prototype were all used in the Bootcamp Bootleg approach. The end result was a modern modular sofa with a removable cover for easy washing and customizable color options. The design is basic, minimalist, and appealing, making it suited for any home. The sofa is constructed by many elements that can be adjusted to the user's needs, including two seat, two backrest, an armrest, and a small table. The project demonstrates the ideation, development, and design of the modular sofa, allowing customers to freely configure their living rooms while stressing ergonomics, versatility, and comfort.