Cramer specializes in battery powered tools. Some professional jobs require the use of several batteries. This thesis designed a product to allow the users to comfortably transport up to 6 batteries along with their equipment.

The design focused on ergonomics and safety, considering how to balance the load of the heavy batteries to reduce strain and allow the operator to move comfortably, while also considering the safe handling of the high-performance batteries.

After studying the user needs, and determining how many batteries to carry, the product concept was developed in 7 cycles of alternating ideation and workshops. the proposed solution consists of a 3-part system:

  • Two Battery cases that can hold 3 batteries, they can be carried individually or mounted to the complete system
  • A backplate to which the cases are mounted
  • The harness that consists of padded straps and a hip belt.

The design also aligned to the company’s design guidelines as well as design regulations and recommendations for outdoor equipment. The final concept is presented as a CAD model and a physical prototype.