Studenter på Industridesign ställer ut

Fredag 28 maj kl 15 öppnas utställningen i Högskolebiblioteket med nya innovativa, produkter som studenterna på Industridesign tagit fram.

Examensarbeterna är framtagna av studenter på Masterprogrammet i Industridesign . Masterprogrammet är en fortsättning på avancerad nivå för studenter som läst Maskinteknik eller Byggnadsteknik (med relevanta kurser inom design, utformning och konstruktion).

Mer information om utställningen av de nya produkterna och Masterprogammet kan fås av programansvarig Lars Eriksson .


Dessa produkter kan du se i biblioteket:

Bathroom furniture concept
A luxurious bathroom concept that stands out from the crowd.
Kajsa Persson

The beauty in the construction and quality a bridge contains, evolved into a product that easily can be modified and also contribute to meetings between people and their communication.
Daniel Lundqvist

Conceptual chainsaw
A new electric chainsaw concept designed for ergonomic and safe use.
Per Sångberg

Golf bag
It´s compact, it´s slim, it´s perfect for the golfer who wants to focus on their game.
Martin Elmgren

Interactive wooden toy
A look into possibilities for BRIO to combine sound and toy in an interesting way for children.
Lisa Jonsson

Mobile Payment Terminal
Technical advanced, ergonomically designed, easy to use —all into one product taking payment solutions one step further.
Anna Mörk

By exploring the movements in nature and translating this into a physical product a vivid experience has been created. This experence is called Trillium, a collapsible outdoor table.
Fredrik Linnér

XM Projector system
An ergonomically designed and technologically advanced handheld device for professional use within the hospital environment.
Malin Läbom

XM Work platform
Imagine you could sit by your workstation and assist clients abroad hands-on and in real time, this new work platform makes it possible.
Kristoffer Apelstedt