24H Challenge for Sustainable Development .

Climate change, inequalities, depletion of natural resources are some of the most pressing threats for societal wellbeing. Considering that, in 2017, the whole Swedish economy emitted 52,7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents, businesses have been identified as key actors to reach Agenda 2030.

Hence, how can businesses create shared value? How can new business models optimize their impact? How can sustainability bring value to companies? Are examples to questions students will be challenged to solve in a 24H Innovation Race organized by Science Park and Jönköping University.

Working with real-life challenges and local businesses, students have the opportunity to make about real changes and to gain valuable knowledge about multi-stakeholder engagement, innovation for sustainability and much more.

The challenge will take place Tuesday, October 1, and Wednesday, October 2, from 12pm to 12pm. The most innovative and impactful solutions will be presented during Jönköping County's Sustainability & Diversity Award Ceremony and winners will be announced.