Johanna want to start a business

The good reputation and international orientation of JIBS as well as the student friendly atmosphere of Jönköping, were key factors for senior year student Johanna when choosing Jönköping University.

“The International Management programme was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a solid education within business administration and the possibility to do a master abroad. It was also important to choose a location with a cosy atmosphere and lots to offer for students. I’m very happy here and even got my sister to move to Jönköping to study,” Johanna says.

When asked what she finds to be the best feature of her education, Johanna emphasizes the international focus.

“All courses are carried out in English and we have students in our classes from all over the world. Also, the fact that JIBS holds a double accreditation opens up for a future international career. Now when I’ve come to the final year of the programme, I feel like I have a solid ground for my future plans,” Johanna continues.

It is easy to see that Johanna is a person with forward thinking and drive. She works extra at the JU Service Center, she is a student ambassador and she work one day a week at Husqvarna AB, as a customs administrations officer.

“In the future, I see myself in a career within business development, very likely working internationally. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I would like to run a business of my own one day.”

When graduating, Johanna can look back at many great memories from her student years at JU. The best ones, she says, are from her time as a student ambassador.

“I’ve had so much fun helping out at different events at JU. The Kick Off Festival, The European Universities Championship in Rowing and the 25th Anniversary are just a few of the happy memories I will always carry with me,” Johanna concludes.

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