”I see myself working and living in a different country in the future.”

When Saga Bergdahl left Gothenburg to study at Jönköping University, she did not know much about the city. She was pleasantly surprised by Jönköping's fantastic location with beautiful surroundings and Lake Vättern just a stone's throw from the school. But above all she was impressed by the School of Engineering’s (JTH) widespread collaboration with the local industry.

- I chose to study at Jönköping University because I had heard good things about it, and I wanted to study at a school with international flair. I also wanted to be in a smaller city. What I appreciate most about the education is that there are many opportunities to connect with companies and do collaborative projects if you want to, she says.

The courses in AI Engineering follow the state-of-the-art developments in AI closely and the course material often includes prominent research articles along with books. This program will teach you both theoretical background and the practical application of AI. You will also be equipped to continue with PhD studies as most courses teach you or let you practice research methods. The best, and most unique, thing about the program is the close collaboration between faculty and students.

- If you are ambitious, there are opportunities to do course projects together with various research projects and companies. This is something I have done and gained a lot of valuable experience from.

The program gives you the option to do a placement at a company of your choice. This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with industry.

- I did my placement at Combitech AB together with three other students as part of an agile team, says Saga.

Now Saga is on her last semester and she is doing her final thesis at Saab AB, Training & Simulation.

- After I graduate, I’m determined to work with something that drives innovation and contributes to the technology of tomorrow. This program has opened my eyes to academia, so I might go on to do a PhD. I see myself working and living in a different country in the future.

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