”The spirit is young, unique and diverse.”

I find the diversity of Jönköping University very attractive. I love the way the school walks in the students’ shoes, and how it offers opportunities for people to connect no matter country or culture. In my class, we were 13 different nationalities!

Mai Le Thi Ngoc, former student, with campus in the bakground

After my bachelor’s in Vietnam I worked a couple of years within marketing. This one-year programme allowed me to do a master’s abroad, without risking my business network. I found JU through an international consultancy and got a good impression from the web layout and how the school delivered its own image. During my studies I got the opportunity to collaborate with Swedish companies like IKEA, giving my business profile a boost. JU’s ability to integrate the studies with innovative technology is a strong point as well.

Hanoi is a vibrant city with more than 7,5 million people. I’m a city girl and when I first came to Sweden, I was surprised by the totally different lifestyle. Nature is on your doorstep and people are cycling everywhere. One of the things I deeply appreciated was the Contact Family Programme, which gave me the chance to meet one of the most inspiring women in my life so far. The contact family helps build bridges between the students and the locals and it is a nice way to experience the new culture and to get some company when you’re far away from home. I also enjoyed the student clubs and hanging out with other students at different events.

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