"The opportunity to practice skills gives us an upper hand."

During the Latvian presidency of the European Council, my high school debating team was invited to discuss issues of sustainability. That’s when I
realized I wanted to study something related to it.

Austra Kase, student

Austra Kase, student Sustainable Enterprise Development

Sustainable Enterprise Development at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) was the only programme of its kind, it was given in English, and I’ve always wanted to go to Scandinavia. So it was spot-on!

In today’s world an education that focuses on the true sense of sustainability is essential. Not just greenwashing, but looking at the structure and meaning of business. One thing I’ve learned is that we need to be open to changes and be aware of risks that
accompany these changes.

On my first day at school I met people from more countries than in my entire life before. Being such a diverse class, we’ve been able to take on multi-cultural perspectives. I’ve really enjoyed that.

It’s inspiring to see how many student-driven initiatives there are on campus, and how hard students work to create events and bring in people. Wanting to contribute, I took a sabbatical to preside over the JIBS Student Association (JSA). I see JSA as a ‘professional playground’: a safe space where students are supported and encouraged, where we can put theory to practice, learn how we function with others, and then have an upper hand over others when applying for the same job.

Once I graduate, I can become pretty much anything within management or consultancy. Since one of my passions is to help others succeed, I’d really want to work in the start-up industry, in a business incubator or accelerator.

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