"Var nyfiken och ställ frågor!"

Gabriella kommer från Motala och flyttade till Jönköping för att läsa MKV-programmet.
- Jag visste att jag ville jobba med kommunikation och MKV-programmet på JU hade de rätta byggstenarna. När Gabriella gick programmet 2001-2004 var det ingen som pratade om sociala medier. Efter examen har hon jobbat med många olika saker, bland annat som redaktör, copywriter och nu som kommunikatör.

Gabriella, före detta student

(Intervjun nedan är på engelska och skriven för studenttidningen EDIT. Skribent: Maja Ottosson. Foto: Dora Blidovic)

What do you do today?

- Right now, I’m working at Jönköping kommun where I’m responsible for two magazines – one that we send out to the people in Jönköping and one that is for the people working here. When I’m not writing for magazines, I handle the website and social media channels that we have. To describe it in a few words - I do content.

How did your studies at JU prepare you for the career?

- In different ways. Before I began my bachelor’s, I had spent some time working as a reporter for the newspaper in Motala. So, I knew that I wanted to do something that included journalism, but not the traditional media. I was more curious to try the newer version of the media. And that’s why I picked media and communication. I also spent a lot of my time working with different projects and associations, such as the school paper Kårsordet, which it was called back then. And this helped me a lot.

How did you experience the first glance of working life after your time at JU?

- Because I already had some experience as a reporter, the gap between my studies and my first job wasn’t that big. But I did my internship at Resume in Stockholm, which was completely different from my job at the newspaper in Motala. They were one of the first media to try platforms online, which meant that the pace was much quicker. And I wasn’t used to that, having only worked for the newspaper in Motala.

What is the most important lesson you brought with you from your studies?

- I think the importance of being flexible, but also how to target the right audience. The latter is extremely important in all sorts of communicational work. Besides that, I can’t pinpoint a specific thing – but all the connections I made during my time at JU have been really useful. A lot of my friends are still here in Jönköping, doing all kinds of different things.

What is your best tip for the students studying at JU today?

- Be curious and ask a lot. And try to get involved with different clubs and student associations. It was great to try some ‘real work’ while learning more about communication. Also, don’t be anxious about the future, you learn more than you think, and you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do when you graduate. You can try different jobs in the future and find out what suits you.

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